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8186 Megaseat

High-specification seat with innovative high-pressure injection and a 'soft’ finish armrest 


  • Centre-to-centre dimensions: 58cm.
  • A modular seat composed of fully interchangeable components.
  • Integral form: without seams or stitches.
  • The armrests are of high pressure injection moulding. The base is always the same colour as the backrest and seat, providing a variety of finishes.
  • At the top of the seat a piece with a soft textured upholstered finish or wood can be incorporated.
  • There is a 5 mm - TS System, a fire resistant barrier incorporated between the upholstery and the foam both in the seat and the backrest which prevents fire from penetrating the foam and therefore delays the emission of toxic gases and flames.
  • The seat folds up automatically by means of the double-spring CSRT  (Controlled Soft Rise Technology) which prevents them banging and making annoying noises, without the need for any type of lubrication and being extremely quiet.
  • Acoustic features: The seat has a few perforations integrated into the back which allow adequate sound absorption when the seat is raised and not in use.
  • Optionally, the top rear part of the backrest can incorporate a piece of upholstery.
  • Fire standards: complies with international regulations.

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Fixed Seating Fixed Seating & Auditorium Seating 8186 Megaseat Dimensions

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