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About us

Imagine an admirable space. Imagine how people will feel as they walk in, even before making the first mock-up. Hear the audience applaud before placing the first brick.
About us

Imagining admirable spaces is as admirable as making them a reality.  

At the Figueras Group, we know about the intense emotions that people experience in the spaces we join forces to develop. That’s why we want to continue contributing our know-how, experience, hard work and passion since 1929 to make them happen.

We apply innovation, design and engineering to craft unique seating solutions. Solutions in perfect harmony with the projects. Solutions that foster the unfolding of all the excitement we imagined when we designed them together with our partners. And we want to continue developing many more. That’s why, although we began as artisans, we have become experts in combining craftsmanship quality with industrial strength.

For the Figueras Group there are no large or small projects, just new challenges to approach with respect and passion. That’s why, when professionals from all over the world allow us to be part of their projects, projects into which they invest all their efforts and creativity, all we can do is thank them and give to their projects the best of ourselves.


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