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Seats for auditorium, stadium, theater, and cinema EN

At the Figueras Group we foster our brand values, pursuing the excellence in the service we offer in all aspects of our daily work


  1. EXCELLENCE We believe in doing things right, in offering excellence in everything we do, from the product quality to the service we provide and how we communicate
  2. CREATIVITY We want to be a company that is open to the whole high-end market. Innovation and finding new solutions is part of our DNA. We’re constantly innovating to make the projects in which we collaborate shine
  3. PROXIMITY We are sensitive to the world’s cultural diversity. We relate to our specifiers and clients with empathy and humility. We like building human relationships based on trust and honesty
  4. FLEXIBILITY  There are no big or small projects. Each project is a challenge that we face with excitement and willingness to adapt to its needs
  5. INSPIRATION At Figueras we know that people experience intense emotions in the spaces we collaborate in. That’s why we believe that our Seats and Movable Seating Solutions should inspire and be a part of that emotional experience
  6. KNOW HOW  We’ve been accumulating experience and knowledge since 1929. Our quality and durability is the result of 40.000 projects, 10 million installed seats and a great multidisciplinary team dedicated to product development. We make an effort to have the best talent in order to offer the best service
  7. ARTISANS AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING  We were born  Artisan Craftsmen,  and today we are experts in both Tailor Made Craftmanship and Engineering Industrial Strength
  8. DESIGN  Our designs originate through co-development with professionals from all over the world, or searching for the balance of function and emotion in our design center, the creative space we share with our Partners
  9. ENGINEERING  Through innovative and surprising systems we help optimizing spaces, while improving their profitability by making them multipurpose
  10. PROFITABILITY  Our projects are profitable because their high quality standards guarantees a durability that is unmatched in the industry
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