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Bespoke model Arch. Vázquez Consuegra

FIBES, Feria Iberoamericana de Exposiciones. Sevilla, Spain


Vázquez Consuegra creates functional convention centre with distinctive look

The new 3557-seat FIBES auditorium, in black and silver, is Spain’s largest hall. The space is one of the key elements of the Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre expansion, but it is not the only impressive new feature.

The building, designed by Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, also boasts an exhibition area with 20 multipurpose rooms, a 700-m2 hall for exhibitions, a catering area that can handle 2000 diners, and a pillar-free five-floor underground parking area. Another distinctive feature is the amphitheatre, which seats over a thousand people and can be partitioned off from the stalls. This part of the auditorium can in turn be divided into two 500-seat sections, so three different events could be held in the auditorium at the same time.

As Vázquez Consuegra explains, “The objective behind the design of the Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre was to construct an urban place, with an architecture that can relate the history of our times, but that can also accommodate the future. To propose spaces that could cater for varying activities and changing times. Spaces capable of hosting events that have yet to be determined”. Thanks to this outstanding new facility, Seville is strongly positioned to become Spain’s third most popular conference destination.

Challenges and solutions

“In view of the geometry of the space, one of the main objectives when it came to furnishing the hall was that the rows of seats should form continuous planes in which the individuality of each seat would be diminished. The idea was that they should form something resembling a continuous bench. The fact that the rows of seats are staggered—that is, the row ends are not aligned—and the need to equip the ones in the stalls with conference tables made this continuity a desirable feature; the tables would be installed on the vertical, continuous plane formed by the backrests”, said Vázquez Consuegra.

Product supplied

The seat installed in the FIBES auditorium was designed by architect Vázquez Consuegra. Dubbed the K Seat by its creator for the form of its profile, the model is a unique product with a fine hardwood structure the same colour as its leather upholstery. Its most distinctive feature is the smooth, unbroken line formed by each row of seats, a visual effect that gives the auditorium a uniform, rational look to match the architecture of the building. The K Seat includes a spacious table in the backrest for use during conferences. Thanks to its seamless profile, in the folded position the table blends in perfectly with the rest of the seat.  The result, the K Seat, is a sober, elegant and extremely comfortable model.

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