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Bespoke model Arch. Foster+Partners

The Sage Gateshead. Newcastle, United Kingdom


The unmistakable style of Foster + Partners for one of the world’s best auditoria

The Sage Gateshead has found its place as one of the UK’s most emblematic buildings. The pride of the new Gateshead stands on the south bank of the River Tyne, adjacent to the Stirling Prize–winning Millennium Bridge and the Tyne Bridge. The shell-like form of the roof, covered in 250 glass panels, makes the building one that’s clearly recognisable at first glance, but it’s also a perfect example of how to meet the cultural needs of a 21st-century city.

Foster + Partners created a building with three separate acoustically insulated auditoria and a twenty-five room Music Education Centre. The glass and steel shell extends over the foyer and hospitality areas shared by the three auditoria, each of which is designed to accommodate a different type of performance.

Product supplied

The largest performance space, recognized as one of the top five auditoria in the world, is a 1650-seat hall furnished with a chair designed especially by Norman Foster and made by Figueras. The model that emerged from this collaboration is an integral part of the space it was designed for. Made using the same colour and materials as the hall, the 137 Foster chair has 1650 variations, as many as there are seats in the auditorium.

Each chair adapts to its position in the space to ensure an optimal view and listening experience for every audience member. The height varies and the base of each unit is adjusted to the slight curvature of the floor surface. One of the model’s unique features is a special pedestal that incorporates an air-conditioning vent. Conditioned air surrounds the occupant, considerably reducing energy consumption.

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