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Small, versatile worktable for individual use in auditoriums, meeting rooms, press rooms and universities


  • A fold-away work table for individual use, fixed to the floor and completely independent of the seat. It does not receive any vibrations from the user of the seat.

  • It is supported by an aluminium column with guide rails on which the wooden work table can slide.
  • Maintenance: it folds through gravity, with no mechanism and is therefore maintenance-free.
  • Comfort: Standard useful working space: 35cm x 45cm.
  • Safety: anti-panic folding system.
  • Effectiveness: it is installed independently of the seat and as such it is not affected by any movements by the seat user.
  • Floor anchorage: direct or via a guide fitted into the floor.
  • The column profile is designed to house cables and has the option of incorporating a CSI communications box.

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