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Gdansk, Poland

Europejskie Centrum Solidarności

Arch. FORT Architects

A conference centre equipped with seats that have voting and communications systems


Solidarity Centre, a building for posterity in remembrance of the past

In 2014, Poland celebrated one of its most important remembrance days - the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism. For this reason, the city of Gdansk, the sixth largest in the country and home of Nobel Peace Prize-winner Lech Walesa and the Solidarnosc movement, decided to create a museum showing the legacy and the contributions made by Poland and this city to the world solidarity movement: the Europejskie Centrum Solidarnosci.


The building, created by the Fort Architects studio, is located in the former shipyards of the city and is therefore reminiscent of the old hull of a ship. Built with Cor-Ten steel, it has a dynamically tilted exterior, with the interior walls following the same lines. Strategically-placed openings are cut into the steel exterior, with varying degrees of translucent glass, inviting passers-by to look and venture inside. Its interior, consisting of exhibition spaces and meeting rooms, plus office spaces, features a large central courtyard that dissects the building in half. A spacious terrace, situated 27 metres up, crowns the building.





Name: Solidarity Centre, Europejskie Centrum Solidarnosci

Location: Gdansk (Poland)

Architecture and design: Fort Architects (Wojciech Targowski, Piotr Mazur, Antoni Taraszkiewcz,
Pawel Czarzasty

Height: 30m

Number of floors: 5 (one below ground)

Ownership: public.

Capacity of auditorium: 387 seats

Product: 6035 Flex and F1000 tables


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Challenges and solutions

The building has a conference hall with nearly 400 seats, whose walls follow the structure of the building and have a 6.5° slant. For this reason, the rows of seats are not arranged in the usual manner, but are adapted to the tilt and create a dynamic effect to which the seats also needed to be adapted, whilst maintaining all the safety clearances required by law. The Centre required all the seats to be equipped with communication systems for simultaneous translations and speeches and also a voting system. The first row posed a challenge, as it is reserved for those appearing on stage. To prevent the communication and voting systems' desk restricting their way onto the stage, it needed to be equipped with a special customized model for this room.

Model supplied

The architects designed a modern conference centre and needed the seats to be equipped with the latest technologies in voting and communications systems. In addition, each seat had to have an amply sized table to go with it. The seat chosen was the compact and stylish 6035 Flex as, together with the F1000 table, it offers spaciousness but also ease of passage given their compact dimensions once folded up. The F1000 table is the largest of Figueras models, it folds away and is individually fixed to the floor, so it is independent of the seat. Each seat is equipped with Brahler communications systems. In the VIP row, located at the front, an armchair of the same family, but larger, the 6036 Flex, was adapted to incorporate all the communications systems as well as a lectern. Both the lectern and the Brahler system are housed in the side of the seat when not in use. This was a special solution for this unique room Figueras.


Europejskie Centrum Solidarności in Gdansk, Poland; project fitted with 6035 Flex  /   seats for Auditorium, Conference & Congress

Technical data

  • Name: Europejskie Centrum Solidarności
  • Location: Gdansk , Poland
  • Year of development: 2015
  • Architecture: FORT Architects
  • Segments: Public Buildings|Auditorium, Conference & Congress|
  • Fixed Seating: 6035 Flex  /  
  • Property: Public
  • Height: 30m
  • Number of floors: 5
  • Capacity: 387

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