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Poznań, Poland

Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska Region

Arch. WAPA Warsztat Architektury

Highly comfortable and resistant seats, with a work table for the conference room of this public institution


Transparency and functionality for the new Marshal’s office in Poznań

The Marshal’s Office of the Region in Wielkopolska gives support to Council activities, the executive power in this region. It has 20 departments and 7 offices, where laws and regulations, ordinances and instructions are drafted by the Parliament and Council of Wielkopolska. In 2009, the WAPA Warsztat Architektury studio won the public tenderto build its new headquarters in the city of Poznań. 

The shape of the building is based on four basic assumptions: it should fit in with the surrounding environment, publicise its legislative function, convey transparency and authority, and represent order and balance. The building houses both the semi-public rooms, located at the bottom, with the office facilities. The entire structure seems to float around its base. The inside is joined around two atriums, allowing for the large climatic conditioners which enable the air to be circulated. The entire space was designed to be transparent, multi-functional and flexible. The inner garden seems to be an extension of the outside of the building. The whole structure, its height, shape and proportions allow natural light to enter, illuminating all areas.   

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Name: Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznań

Location: Aleja Niepodległości, Poznań, Poland

Architecture: WAPA Warsztat Architektury

Floors: 15

Owner: Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznań

Total Surface Area: 31.000 m2

Auditorium capacity: 304 seats

Product supplied: Flex 6036 and F45 tables with communications systems

Photography: Piotr Krajewski  

Challenges and Solutions

The biggest challenge in equipping the Marshal's Office Ceremony Hall was to combine the needs of the end client and investor with those of the architect. For the architect, the most important aspect consisted in being able to customize the chosen seat, both in shape and in colour and accessories. For the investor, it was a decision which only considered the high quality of the chosen product.

Product supplied

The elegant 6036Flex was the seat finally selected, a seat that combines comfort with optimization of the space, given that once the seat is in its folded position it only occupies 47cm. Thanks to a wide range of upholstery fabric available, the architect was able to choose the most appropriate tone of leather for the room.   The colour of the seats combines perfectly with the walls and contrasts with the red carpet.  Attention to the finer details was the decisive point in the success of the finishing look, given that a special grey thread to join the seams of the seats was created especially for the project.  As regards the technology, the first three rows have been fitted with boxes containing a communication and a voting system.  The rest of the seats have an electrical socket and internet connection.  All the seats have an individual F45 table to enable those present to work comfortably.


Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznań, Poland; project fitted with F48  /  6076 Flex + F48  /  6076 Flex seats for Auditorium, Conference & Congress

Technical data

  • Name: Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska Region
  • Location: Poznań , Poland
  • Year of development: 2015
  • Architecture: WAPA Warsztat Architektury
  • Segments: Auditorium, Conference & Congress|Corporate|
  • Fixed Seating: F48  /  6076 Flex + F48  /  6076 Flex
  • Property: Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poznań
  • Total surface: 31.000
  • Capacity: 304 seats

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