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Kielce, Poland

Targi Kielce Exhibition & Congress Centre

Arch. Barbara Sredniawa

Mobile seating system with a retractable stand for a multi-use conference room


Kielce, Poland

A multi-purpose hall for Poland's most dynamic trade fair and conference centre

The Targi Kielce Exhibbition and Conference Centre is one of the two leading exhibition centres and conference venues in Poland, and ranks second in Eastern Europe. It boasts a 90,000 m2 premises for exhibition events and offers its clients 19 multi-purpose halls. It is pivotal to energising the region, both on an economic and cultural level. Targi Kielce holds 70 trade fairs and 600 conferences a year.

The venue, directed by Andrzej Mochón, is founded on innovation and client care. In August 2013, the scope of the venue was further expanded with the construction of an 880 m2 multi-purpose hall. This hall can be used for a variety of events and it may also be divided into two halls, one which measures 600 m2 and the other 200 m2. This new initiative has enabled Targi Kielce to not only organise conventions and conferences but also to put on events such as Poland's Off Fashion Show and music festivals, such as Raz Dwa Trzy.







Name: Targi Kielce Exhibition and Congress Centre


Location: Kielce (Poland)


Property: Targi Kielce


Auditorium capacity: Variable. Up to 600 people.


Product: 55069 Microlyon, Mutamut System and F45 tables.


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Challenges and Solutions

For this state-of-the-art trade fair and conference centre, it was imperative to create a high-tech venue that could extend its offer and become multi-use rooms. The hall to be equipped had 800 m2 workspace and, in addition, a sliding wall enabling it to convert into two multi-purpose rooms. How could a multifunctional area be created that could be used as both a grand hall and two resulting rooms when divided?

A further client requirement was the need for highly resistant seating for a room subjected to intensive use that hosts different events with large numbers of people every day. In addition, a futuristic look and modern design was stipulated for the seating, to provide a high degree of comfort but in a minimal space.

The Selected model 

The Targi Kielce installation is an example of ingenuity and engineering. It employs two telescopic stands that occupy the two facing sides and the Mutamut system in the central area. These automatic systems allow the room configuration to be altered in minutes. Moreover, as the hall has a partition wall, the systems can be used individually in either of the resulting two halls. The Mutamut system can store 208 seats under a central stage with minimal effort.

The seating model chosen to equip the stands and the Mutamut system was the 5069 Microlyon chair, a model which gives optimal performance and comfort but when folded occupies just 24cm in width. This enables easy storage under the floor of the stands and under the central stage. The futuristic lines that grace this very innovative concept model blend perfectly with the hall. To enable the hall to be used as a conference room, it is also equipped with the F45 table. All the tables are removable, and may be used for an event as and when required.

All the products have been tested and satisfy the intensive use requirements; they are made of resistant materials and are low maintenance. This point was crucial for Targi Kielce to opt for Figueras products, while the Figueras brand’s 80-year history also had an impact on it being chosen as the supplier.



Targi Kielce Exhibition & Congress Centre in Kielce, Poland; project fitted with Mutarail Seating System  /  F48  /  5069 Minispace  /  Retractable Seating System seats for Multipurpose Spaces

Technical data


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