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Los Angeles, CA, United States

The Television Academy Saban Media Center Wolf Theater

Arch. Gensler

Highly comfortable seats for the Auditorium in which the Emmy Awards are held


The Television Academy of Los Angeles, known worldwide for producing the annual presentation of the Emmy awards, needed a new space in accordance with the changes taking place in the television industry. The previous theatre had become obsolete and no longer reflected the changes in technology. Gensler were the architects appointed to modernize these iconic installations which were finally inaugurated in the summer of 2016 under the name of The Saban Media Centre.

This new high-tech theatre includes a new stage, high-range Figueras seats, digital connectivity, 4K and 3D projectors, as well as a hall equipped with croma key. The principal objective of this new building was to reflect the innovative and detailed spirit characterizing the Television Academy. In this sense, Lee Pasteris, design director at Gensler, designed a more flexible and adaptable space, so that, as time moves on, this theatre can continue to adapt and evolve together with the rhythm of new technologies. 

Project Challenge

An auditorium so highly advanced and aesthetically crafted should be equally equipped with the latest generation of seating innovations. For Figueras, the project challenge consisted of conjugating total optimization of the available space within the interior of the theatre with the use of a chair of ample dimensions and an elegant design-all possible with the 13016 Smart from Figueras. 


To pay respect to the design of the space by the architects and the model of seats chosen for the project, the team at Figueras adapted the Smart chair into four different types, with distinctive centre-to-centre dimensions. In this way, the 600 seats fit perfectly into the space, creating a uniform and harmonious hall. Ten of the seats are completely removable to allow for a sound stage set up where all necessary equipment can be positioned for the recording of performances. The entire installation complies with the strict American regulations pertaining to reduced mobility provisions. In five of the rows, the first seat of the aisle includes Figueras' transfer arm system. Without affecting the aesthetic of the seat, this feature allows for comfortable lateral access by opening the lateral.

Supplied Product

The theatre has been equipped with 595 Figueras (model 13010, Smart) chairs, finished in an elegant Bordeaux red. This is a highly-comfortable, modular seat with generous dimensions specially designed for use in premium corporate halls. These chairs are positioned in such a way that spectators can access their seats comfortably without disturbing other patrons.


Figueras took great care with the most minimal details of the seat. Such is the case that the aisle way indicator lights found on the seats at the end of each row are graduated so that they cause no interference with the quality of any recording taking place in the auditorium. To achieve maximum optimization of the space, Figueras created four versions of the same model, with differing centre-to centre dimensions, so as to create harmonious and uniformed rows.


The Television Academy Saban Media Center Wolf Theater in Los Angeles, CA, United States; project fitted with 13010 Smart Fix   /   seats for Performing Arts Centers

Technical data

  • Name: The Television Academy Saban Media Center Wolf Theater
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA , United States
  • Year of development: 2016
  • Architecture: Gensler
  • Segments: Performing Arts Centers|
  • Fixed Seating: 13010 Smart Fix   /  
  • Design interior: Lee Pasteris
  • Property: USA TV Academy
  • Total surface: 5700 m2

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