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La Plata, Argentina

Teatro Argentino de La Plata

Arch. Tomas “Wimpy” García

Latin America's great acoustical project of reference


The Teatro de La Plata is a great artistic complex, inaugurated in 1999 and remains as one of Argentina´s most emblematic buildings. It was built following the destruction of the former Teatro de La Plata in 1977 due to a fire, and is based on a brutalist-style design in reinforced concrete and of colossal size.

The team of architects in charge of the project inherited a building which reflects the city´s history, its geometric urban design and the neoclassical style of the rest of the buildings, however, without any inhibitions to reinterpret history. The Teatro de La Plata blends into the city, not as an object of construction, but as part of the city: a symbolic space to be enjoyed by the citizens.

Following 17 years of construction and reforms, the Teatro de La Plata was re-inaugurated in 1999. It is an emblematic building, which provides the citizens with several rooms, in order to enjoy various different artistic performances: the lyrical room, with a capacity for 2,000 persons; the theater and poetry room; a cinema and a chamber theater, a conference room; additionally to the rehearsing room, another room for services and administrative units.

Lyrical Room

The Teatro de La Plata´s lyrical room was designed in a baroque style, the same it featured before the fire, in order to provide for the same public purpose, which proved to be effective. It features a stage which is similar to the traditional type, as well as three shallow frontal levels, thus allowing the sound to travel freely. The stage provides for a very complete overview. Three levels of stages were designed to the laterals in the traditional style, as well as an additional 4 levels of continuous stages or galleries with a single row of seats.

The room features a reverberation time - within the intermediate frequencies - of 1.4 to 1.5 seconds. In order to achieve this, all components of the chamber were analyzed and measured. Additionally, the selected seats are a customized version of the 5036 Top model, designed for use in theater auditoriums, due to their special acoustic features. This model features a number of orifices in the backrest that enable appropriate sound absorption when the seat is raised and not occupied.

Selected Product

The seats can be customized to naturally fit into the theater: they feature wooden laterals and rear structures of the same color as the selected upholstery, intense red, and various sound tests were performed until their final installation.

Additionally to the acoustic feature, the Teatro de La Plata faced another challenge during its construction, as the floor slope of the room is rather problematic with regards to its layout. This fact required an exact calculation of the position of the foot of each seat, as well as each row, and this needed to be indicated in the installation plan.  Each of the seats needed to be adjusted to its specific position within the room, so that each one of the seat´s bases are different and unique.  


Teatro Argentino de La Plata in La Plata, Argentina; project fitted with 5036 Top  /   seats for Performing Arts Centers

Technical data

  • Name: Teatro Argentino de La Plata
  • Location: La Plata , Argentina
  • Year of development: 1999
  • Architecture: Tomas “Wimpy” García
  • Segments: Performing Arts Centers|
  • Fixed Seating: 5036 Top  /  
  • Exterior building: Bares, Garcia, Germani, Rubio, Sbarra, Ucar
  • Property: Provincia de Buenos Aires
  • Total surface: 60.000m2
  • Number of floors: 6 + 3 subsuelo
  • Capacity: 2.000 plazas

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