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Munich, Germany

Magic Theater

Arch. Krist & Münch KG

Extremely comfortable seats for this theatre dedicated to magic


Discover the Tricks of the Singular: Münch & Krist Table Magic Theatre

Product aim and description:

The Münch & Krist Table Magic Theatre is the first theatre of magic in the region of Germany. It is a singular project by the table magicians Alexander Krist and Christian Munch, with a common dream: build their own theatre and offer first level magic performances. When the owners contacted Figueras to equip this singular auditorium shaped in a hemicycle, it was clear that the first great challenge was to achieve a perfect semicircular distribution and the second was to millimetrically calculate the distances and angles of vision, which were key to optimizing the spectator visibility at the hand games table. As in this project, "optimum visibility" can also be understood by what spectators should not see, given the singularity of the magic performances offered there.





Technical data


Name: Krist & Münch Table Magic Theater

Location: München

Property: Krist & Münch

Capacity: 71 seats

Product: Model 13107 Flame



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The chairs in the theatre are arranged in 4 rows around a magic table. The distance between each row was set by the hall owner. As such, the first row of spectators are at a distance where they feel that they can touch the table, and in this way participate in the hand games. The second row is situated at a distance of 1.3m away, the third row at a distance of 2.3m away, and the fourth at 3.6m. The choice of a narrow chair when folded was vital to guarantee easy pass between the rows.

To achieve that the hall maintains the form of a perfect 180° semicircle, each row has a varying distance between chairs. As such, the Flame seats in the first row have a 458mm distance between them from centre-to-centre, the second row at 465mm centre-to-centre, with the third row at 467 mm centre-to-centre, and finally the last row at 468mm centre-to-centre. In this fashion they have achieved a uniformed look and a perfect greek hemicycle.

Finally, it was necessary to adapt the seating to the visibility required by the client for each one of the different step levels. No spectator should block the visibility of the other. Furthermore, there were "secrets" that the spectator must not see from their vantage point. This requirement was fulfilled by modifying the height of the chairs: the spectators in the first row are situated in a seat slightly lower than normal. The standard height for the Flame seat being 450mm, but in this instance a height of 412mm was used for this theatre.


Product provided

For a space as singular as this, one must select an elegant seat allowing clear vision of the theatre while showing its own personality and not taking focus away from the main table. The theatre is decorated with elements of fantasy and the performance hall decorated with tones of blue. For this reason, the 13107 Flame model was chosen, an elegantly stylish chair, designed by the architect Filipe Oliveira Dias, who was inspired by the shape of a harp when choosing its form. This chair is an individually installed piece, allowing itself to be easily adapted to the curve and angle of the auditorium. Once folded, it occupies only 36 cm, a characteristic permitting spatial optimization between each level. Additionally, the upholstery was new challenge for Figueras as for the first time we implemented the use of specially metallized fabric. 


Magic Theater in Munich, Germany; project fitted with 13107 Flame seats for Performing Arts Centers

Technical data

  • Name: Magic Theater
  • Location: Munich , Germany
  • Year of development: 2012
  • Architecture: Krist & Münch KG
  • Segments: Performing Arts Centers|
  • Fixed Seating: 13107 Flame
  • Capacity: 71

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