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The most popular Figueras' seat updates its shapes, materials and finishes


› Modular arm chair made up of fully interchangeable elements.

· The seat and backrest are made up of two blocks of moulded polyurethane foam, with a metal interior structure and upholstery fully integrated into the foam through the INTEGRAL FORMsystem, without seams or stitching.

· Optionally, between the upholstery and the foam, both in the seat and in the backrest, there is a 5 mm fire protection curtain - TS System - that prevents fire from penetrating into the foam, delaying the emission of toxic gases and flames.

· The backrest cushion is anatomically shaped and incorporates rhomboidal embossing. Apart from obtaining a differential image, it increases the comfort of the backrest in long-lasting use.

· The seat cushioning is anatomically shaped and smooth, without any types of channels or grooves therefore preventing the accumulation of dirt. The seat and backrest are protected by fully washable IF727 material finishings that protect the upholstery on the back.

· The seat folds automatically by means of a double spring system introduced inside the seat shell (tested at 100,000 cycles), requiring no lubrication and is extremely silent.

· The armchair is assembled on two metal feet that have an integrated system that supports the ball-and-socket joint - with a blocking mechanism - that receives the axis of the seat and allows an easy substitution of the seat without having to disassemble the whole armchair. The feet are made of tubular steel structure finished in black or grey epoxy paint. The fixation to the floor is made by using expansion plugs or other systems depending on their features.

· The armchair adapts to the specific inclination of the room thanks to its foot base. The rows are formed by interconnected backrests and allows the formation of completely rigid and stable rows, reinforcing the fixation to the ground.

· The arms are made of polyurethane foam, with an internal metal structure. The seat has holes in the back that allow adequate acoustic absorption when the seat is raised and unused. Optionally, the backrest can incorporate a piece of upholstery in its upper back. The seat can also be fully upholstered without losing any of its acoustic properties.

· Optionally and as an extra accessory it may incorporate a writing lectern (PLX) with anti-panic folding system. The lectern is made of polypropylene with a black non-slip textured finish.

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If you would like to receive more specific files (CAD, Pro Engineer, Revit, etc.) please contact us and we will provide them as soon as possible.


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