Сиденья для аудиторий, стадионов, театров и кинотеатров


Сиденья для аудиторий, стадионов, театров и кинотеатров RU
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Waiting Areas Seats

Our comfortable and high strength products can be found in all type of waiting areas, airports, healthcare, railway stations, bus depots, cruise and ferry terminals the world over.


The company’s adaptable and durable seating solutions highlight our work to maximise the performance of our seating solutions and deliver new innovations to market.  

Careful consideration of design, raw materials, production processes and packaging all come into play as we seek to develop solutions that are at the very heart of satisfying our customer expectations.


Zoeftig Benches and Seats ( Asientos, Bancos, Banquettes, Lomgarinas)






с компанией Figueras

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