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Movable Seating Solutions

The most appropriate engineering solutions to optimise a space

Figueras Movable Seating Solutions provides comprehensive engineering solutions for multipurpose spaces, such as conference rooms, conference centres, theatres or large multipurpose spaces.

Right from the start of a project, our team of experts advises on the most appropriate engineering solutions to make use of and optimise a space according to the customer’s needs. 

Figueras Movable Seating Solutions will advise you on the best automatic system for your venue, such our Mutasub, Mutarail systems, as well as our Folding Tiers.

Mutasub Seating Automatic System

Mutarail Seating Automatic System

Mutawheel Seating Automatic System

Retractable Seating Automatic System

Retractrable Benches Automatic System

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