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koszalin, Poland

Koszalin Philharmonic

Arch. Jacek Bulat, Pracownia Architektoniczna

An elegant fixed seating with high-quality acoustics for this new auditorium


Koszalin, Poland

The New Koszalin Philharmonic, a Wooden Gem Wrapped in Glass

03 / 2014

The Stanislaw Moniuszko Koszalin Philharmonic Orchestra, founded in 1956, performs over 120 concerts annually, and is one of Poland’s prestigious institutions. In 2010, a project was approved to begin construction on a new auditorium, rehearsal rooms and orchestra administrative offices.

The architect Jacek Bulat has created a magical place on the banks of the Dzierzecinka River. Forming an integral part of its plant life surroundings as a result of its glass sides, the building has a dynamic shape, stemming from the volume created by the roof and the front and rear walls in zinc-titanium. But without doubt, the most stunning feature is the organic volume of wood suspended on the façade, which goes into the building and completely encloses the concert hall. The form and materials used provide the hall with special acoustics, which will be much appreciated by the great soloists who grace this stage.





Data sheet


Name: Koszalin Philharmonic

Location: Koszalin (Poland)

Architecture and design: Jacek Bulat

Number of floors: 4

Proprietor: The Stanislaw Moniuszko Koszalin Philharmonic Orchestra

Total area: 4,063 m2

Capacity:520 seats

Model: Customized 6036 Flex

Photography: Bartosz Warzecha

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Challenges and solutions

In any concert hall the acoustics are the most important technical aspect. Of course, aesthetics and comfort are basic requirements for a project of this nature, and the seating should have played a pivotal role in the visual aspect of the hall because of their shape and upholstery. But the basic requirement for the Koszalin Philharmonic was the acoustic component and the seating had to perform acoustically the same as any other performer on the stage.

Model supplied 

For the Koszalin Philharmonic, Figueras recommended using the 6036 Flex, but with significant customisation to adapt it fully to its environment, offering the optimum level of vibration to balance the absorption exerted by seated users. To compensate this absorption, various parts of the seat were covered in wood, over-dimensioning them in comparison with the backrest padding to maximise acoustic reflection. Specifically, the seat and backrest were covered in plywood, curved on the backrest to provide better ergonomics and flat on the seat. The sides were also made of wood, and both these and the wooden backrest and seat were covered in beech to achieve a uniform finish, to go with the wooden interior of the hall. The seats were tested in a specialist acoustics laboratory until the desired results were obtained.




Koszalin Philharmonic in koszalin, Poland; project fitted with 6076 Flex seats for Performing Arts Centers

Technical data

  • Name: Koszalin Philharmonic
  • Location: koszalin, Poland
  • Year of development: 2013
  • Architecture: Jacek Bulat, Pracownia Architektoniczna
  • Segments: Performing Arts Centers|
  • Fixed Seating: 6076 Flex
  • : The Stanislaw Moniuszko Koszalin Philharmonic Orchestra
  • : 4,063 m2
  • : 4
  • : 520

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